After learning to live in offices and apartments enjoying all the benefits of air conditioning, many boat owners want to have air conditioning onboard too. Sometimes they were only reserved for big yachts, but in the last few years, they are increasingly being built to the lesser ones. The two new Uflex models in 2018 represent a simple and reliable solution for air conditioning of small and medium-sized vessels. They are made of high-quality materials (stainless steel and aluminum) and designs like our inverters. In other words, it means that the user can easily switch from standard air conditioner to inverter and vice versa when replacing the unit. Thanks to its characteristics, these climates can be powered by small generators or direct DC-AC converters from the battery compartment. Working with the R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, in compliance with European regulations, together with a small rotary compressor and multi-changer, provides extra efficiency with reduced power consumption. Units are standard equipped with a reverse cycle option (therefore, with heating option) by converting the unit into a heat pump, taking the heat from the seawater. The new 2018 is a new control panel with a built-in Wi-Fi module. This allows the pairing of the mobile phone with the air conditioner. During your stay on board, your smartphone will communicate directly with the device, and when you leave the ship, communication will continue through the internet. This requires a Wi-Fi network in the marina or a router on your boat. The application is free and available for IOS and Android. www.indelmarine.hr

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