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Get to know INDEL MARINE

Founded in 1986., our company started as service company, ie repair of electronic nautical and industrial equipment, and as such existed until 1994. Since then we have started to represent, sell and distribute the products of renowned world producers in the field of ship electronics and our business has expanded to co-operation with European business partners. We have become general sales representatives for the Croatian market and producers in the region: Fischer Panda, Victron, KVH, Philippi, Samlex, Uflex, Osmosea, Ampair, and Seaview.

As a successful family company, we know that a high-quality product portfolio, as well as face-to-face services, is a key parameter that has built the identity that INDEL MARINE possesses today. Through employee upgrading, expanding our sales assortment, introducing new products and implementing a customer’s business policy we reach a steady increase in number of product/service users. We have a visionary approach to serving the needs of our customer in all segments. Our engineers in the field of marine electronics and electric will always find the optimum solution you will be satisfied with. Guiding principle, “If you are equally industrious, you will be equally successful. “/ Johann Sebastian Bach / , best describes the way INDEL MARINE do business.

We have selected a manufacturers to partner within a strict selection system and cover every segment of equipping both smaller and larger luxury vessels, to get their best value from.

What we point out as a comparative advantage over other providers is the fact that:

  • Each of the brand we represent is the strongest in its industry and the service network is organized globally. Within 24h, service is always available, no matter where the customer is located.
  • We do not employ a large number of our own staff, but we base our service business on co-operation with external dealers and we have a reliable network of independent partners. In this way, we are ready to resist unfavorable market trends.
  • Our staff is 100% highly educated
  • We invest continuously in educating people both at sales and technical training level
  • Via our knowledgeable specialist, we offer professional installation, service support or technical solutions to customers on request.